PGA Professionals

Our golf professionals welcome players of all ages and abilities – from those who get out for regular games and are looking to shave strokes off their scores, to those who have never touched a club before.

Clint Birkholz

Keenan Baatjes

Charlie Knoll

Head Professional
PGA Professional
PGA Professional

Clint has been a PGA member and teaching professional for more than 25 years. His philosophy is that to really excel in the sport, you must work from the ground up, starting with the grip, set up and posture.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified, studied and completed at the headquarters in San Diego US, Clint’s holistic approach to the game focuses not only on developing match skills, but also considers the specific fitness and core strength required to drive continuous improvement in your game.

Keenan took up golf as a teenager and lowered his handicap from 17 to scratch in just over two years. Keenan works with his students to help them understand their golf swing while providing an enjoyable and professional learning environment.​

Charlie has over 15 years of golfing experience and nearly 10 years experience as a PGA member. Charlie focuses on utilizing the body and ensuring his clients understand what changes they require to improve their golf games.​