Etiquette and Dress Code


Local Rules

  • Out of bounds:
    1. The fence around the perimeter of the golf course is out of bounds
    2. Curator’s Compound is out of bounds
    3. Out of bounds markers (white with black tops) override all boundary fencing and curator’s fence
  • Ball in lakes: Drop another ball at point of entry (penalty on stroke) (Completion – See Rule 26)  
  • Ball must be lifted and dropped no nearer the hole with no penalty when:
    1. Lying one club length of a tree or shrub under two club lengths in height 
    2. Ball is embedded 
    3. On a green or tee other than the one being played 
    4. In a wheel mark 
    5. Ball is in ground under repair (GUR) 
    6. Within two club lengths of any structure within the course 
    7. On any path 
  • Golfers must always wear shirts and shoes
  • No BYO alcohol to be brought onto the course

Dress Code

We want you to feel comfortable while you are playing golf. That is why we are relaxed here at Geelong Golf Club.

However, we do have standards because health and safety, and the comfort of our guests are important to us.

Golf Course:

  • Dress neat and tidy
  • No thongs
  • No singlets
  • No work boots

Golf Etiquette

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  • Each player must carry an individual bag of clubs
  • All divots must be replaced, and all bunkers must be raked
  • Don’t hold up play unduly
  • Don’t play until those in front are out of range
  • In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the golf course
  • If searching for a ball, signal following players through. Don’t start again until they are out of range
  • Replace flag stick in holes
  • Leave putting green immediately after putting is concluded
  • Golf carts must remain 10m from greens and tees